Power for Change Institute

We educate, collaborate and co-create to empower individuals and communities for positive change in the society.

“Our present and future require us to be courageous and compassionate enough to take responsibility; responsibility for ones life and continuous improvement, and the responsibility to co- create an advanced and supportive society together with others.”

– Tanja Bogataj, Founder and CEO of the Power for Change Institute

Tanja Bogataj

Power for Change

We probably all agree that change is the only constant in life. And yet, many times when we are faced with change, we might feel stuck and powerless, or at least not as strong as we would like to feel.

We often procrastinate with making necessary changes because we for some reason doubt that we will be successful with them. We may even wait for some external circumstances to change first, or hope that someone else from the outside will make the change for us.

At the Power for Change institute, we wish for each of us to find an inspiration for change, both for ourselves and in society, and to take a more active role together in co-creating the positive changes we want or need to make for sustainable progress and development.


Our Inspiration to be catalysts and ambassadors for a positive change in society:

Empower Yourself to Make a Change

“Our present and future require us to be courageous and compassionate enough to take responsibility; responsibility for one's life and continuous improvement, and the responsibility to co-create an advanced and supportive society together with others.”

We Work Together to Make a Positive Difference

“Change is the only constant in life, yet many times when we are faced with change, we feel trapped, powerless, or at least not as strong as we would like to be. By working together, we create out of change not a struggle but an opportunity for learning, growth and development, for ourselves and others.”

We inspire and Take Action for a Change

“We often delay change because we doubt whether we will be successful. We may even be waiting and hoping that someone else will make the change, not us. The sooner we accept that the change we want starts with us and within us, the more time and resources we have available to make it happen.”

We keep Learning, Practicing, and Co-Creating for a Change

“The challenges people and communities are facing are often similar. Our uniqueness and advantage lies in our ability to learn and continuously improve, and in ways we face challenges. When we know better, we can choose and do better.”

We are looking forward to celebrating your changes and achievements, and co-creating the positive changes together with you.

– Tanja Bogataj, Founder and CEO of the Power for Change Institute

Coaching & Training

Change is the only constant in life, they say, and yet, we are often afraid to make a change, even positive ones. 
We help people to address their fear of change and make a change in a creative, innovative, and inspiring way.
We invite you to find your Power For Change, and Make a Change with Us!



Change as an opportunity to learn, grow, and progress

At the Power for Change Institute, we offer you a safe and stimulating environment for empowerment for facing your changes in an effective and efficient way, and for co/creating the positive changes in society, by using and learning various approaches, techniques and tools.

We invite you to visit the workshops and other forms of training that we prepare and implement through-out the year for you in cooperation with visiting experts, colleagues, co-creators, and supporters.



Sign up for education and empowerment training for:

  • empowerment
  • gaining clarity
  • self-confidence
  • motivation
  • discovering your potentials
  • defining and reformulating goals
  • taking action for the positive change
  • leading the change, and co-creating for the change


21. March 2024 | Maribor

Multiplikacijski dogodek YouHeal Projekta

Marec 2024

Mentalna odpornost in dobro počutje mladih

7. FEBRUAR 2024 ob 16. uri
Gregorčičeva ulica 21b, Maribor

Multiplikacijski dogodek YouHeal Projekta

| Serbia

YouHeal Project Training for Young Adults

| Novi Sad, Serbia

OPEN CALL – Training on mental health, well-being and mindfulness for young adults between 18 – 26y, Novi Sad

18. – 22. SEPTEMBER 2023 | Graz

YOUHEAL Erasmus+ Project Staff Training, Graz


Webinar: How to overcome fear of change – 4 effective and simple ways


Spletna delavnica: Umetnost pospravljanja


Spletna delavnica: Uspešno soočanje s spremembami


Tanja Bogataj – “Kako uporabiti uspeh in neuspeh kot odskočno desko za naslednji uspeh”


Darja Zorko Mencin – “Kako graditi lastno osebno identiteto na podlagi modela arhetipov”


Mentoring, Inspiration and Education for All (WEFDC, Beyond 2023)


Nastja Mulej – “Namerno osredotočeno kreativno razmišljanje je zabavno”


Bernarda Potočnik – “Z dialogom ustvarjamo bližino z drugimi in krepimo lastno samozavest”


Natalie Cvikl Postružnik – “Uvidi modrosti: Z radovednim veseljem do srčnega življenja”


Polona Jančar – “Osamljenost v času brezmejne povezanosti”


Mojca Brezavšček – “Kdo mi bo dal krila? Soočanje s psihičnimi stiskami v mladostniškem obdobju”

Be the change

Each of us can contribute to positive changes in society with our knowledge, experience and unique view of the world. However, for the changes that we desire to see in society, it is more effective if we connect and collaborate to co-create them with like-minded and like-hearted people.

Entrust us with your idea, proposal or project so that we can find out together how we can provide an adequate support for its successful implementation through cooperation and co-creation.

O nas

About us

At Power for Change Institute, we understand CHANGE as an OPPORTUNITY for learning, growth and development, both for the individual and for society. We believe in the power of the individual and the community, in the importance of cooperation and co-creation, as well as lifelong learning and improvement.

We understand change also as an ACTIVITY. We believe in the potential of the individual and believe that she/he already has the power within herself/himself to make the change she/he wants or needs to make. Through our activities, individuals define the motivation for change and learn and empower themselves how to effectively face change and/or (co)create it.

We implement our mission with:


Through training, education and empowerment projects, we co-create and provide conditions, content and learning methods adapted to individuals to empower themselves for their lives, for active participation and co-creation in society.


We also carry out our mission through awareness-raising, promotion, support and co-creation activities regarding:

  • empowering individuals, communities and vulnerable groups for a better future and positive changes in society through mentoring, coaching and other forms of education and training, as well as sponsorship, donation and other forms of support;
  • taking care of the living environment and contributing to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs);
  • inclusive, cooperative and learning society, and gender equality and balance in various areas of activity in society.

We invite you to join us as a member, expert, co-creator, colleague, sponsor, donator or supporter in any other way.

Our vision and values

WE EMPOWER individuals in society with mindset, knowledge, skills and active action FOR CHANGES that are important for mutual respect and support in society, for the well-being of individuals and communities, for co-creating conditions for continuous learning, development and progress.

Through our activities, we support, encourage and co-create a society based on respect for human life and all living things, on respect for creation and opportunities for improvement, and on action and cooperation out of love and not fear. In our action and activities we have in mind different groups in society, and the present and future generations.

Values we share and encourage:


We encourage the value and respect for life and all living things, and respect for human rights and freedoms


We encourage mutual respect, cooperation, respectful communication, and dialogue


We encourage and offer continuous learning and improvement


We promote talents, creativity, different opinions, views and approaches, and search for way to collaborate and co-create