YouHeal Multiplier event

21. March 2024 | Maribor

YouHeal Multiplier event


After we've successfully completed YouHeal working package 5 - E-course with E-textbook, coordinated by the Power for Change Institute, we are now in a process of testing the web app and sharing the main project results with our target group.

In collaboration with Zavod Nefiks we've had a vibrant and constructive workshop and exchange about the mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness, focusing on YouHeal outcomes and their application for youth workers and young adults and testing the web app.

Tanja Bogataj je v imenu Zavoda Moč za spremembo predstavila projekt YouHeal in njegove glavne rezultate. Udeleženci so si podrobneje pogledali spletno aplikacijo z E-tečajem in E-Delovnim zvezkom, ter si izmenjali poglede, ideje in dobre prakse na področju duševnega zdravja, dobrega počutja in čuječnosti mladih.

Huge compliment to 30 participants from Slovenia, Croatia and Romania for doing such a great service.